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Valentino Couture 2002I have never really reflected in depth upon fashion as Braga does in his essay entitled Fashion. Yes I have considered and questioned “How every season so many different designers with creative imaginations create similar trends?” I have also come to accept that we are told what we must wear every year by the fashion dictators…(although I want to be a dictator myself) I do find this a very scary thought.

I liked this essay very much, although it doesn’t highlight anything that I don’t already know. But it did make me look into why I have a passion for fashion. For me true fashion has always been Haute Couture. I have never been inclined to design ready to wear clothes. It was too ordinary. I feel couture is the love of fashion’s life, without it, it would simply exist. My heart literally skips a beat when I see a haute couture

Couture is impractical, sometimes ugly at first glance (I have never been a major fan of Vivenne Westwood but I do appreciate her work) The true beauty of couture is in the detail, the fabric and its intricate nature. Like classical music or coffee it is an acquired taste. But most important of all each garment is unique. So I sat and thought but why? Why do I like couture (my definition of fashion) so much? And my answer was simple, “Because I am couture, You are couture. God is a Fashion Designer and we are his Haute Couture collection”

“Haute couture involves craftsmanship, the skill of the seamstress and embellisher (feather makers, embroiders, milliners) who, each season, create the finery of the exceptional.”

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