Smart Changing Rooms

Soon dept stores will be filling up with smart changing rooms according to Wired news.

The smart dressing room features six tennis ball-size digital cameras distributed at key points around the cubicle. A three-dimensional replica of the customer before she tries on clothes is extrapolated and the data fed to a computer running software that matches styles to body shapes.

The idea is that it will enable the shopper to have their own personal stylist. My problem with it came from this statement

“QinetiQ delivers the technical capabilities; the retailer dictates what information the shopper will receive,” Millard said. “We will work in conjunction with the store to deliver a software program to suit their line.” The program could be set to push certain lines, certain colors — it’s up to the store to decide.

What if one season the retailer is not selling a particular line so they enter data recommending stock which they are unable to sell. I’m not convinced at all that they have the shopper’s best interest at heart. Also its way too impersonal, it takes in to consideration appearance but not personality. Certain clothes may suit an individual but they may not necessarily feel comfortable, as it doesn’t suit their character. This just appears to me as another attempt for dept stores to push their sales.

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