The coolness of the Fashion world

Quite long but a great article by the NY Times entitled Is Fashion still Cool?

I have tried to write my view but I keep deleting and re-writing. I just can’t decide what my opinion is on this matter. Sometimes I feel that fashion is still cool and still has an edge to it, and at other times I’m disappointed with the fashion industry. It feels like fashion used to be a little island of its own where only a select people could visit and the rest would appreciate from looking at the brochures. However now its accessible to all, which is not a bad thing at all, however it allows those who design with the market in mind rather than for themselves to be a part of it. As a result this breeds lack of creativity which begins to take the coolness out of fashion for me.

It would appear that in fashion, as in music and other art forms, there is at the moment “no new movement, no strong movement of coolness,” the filmmaker John Waters said. “I’m sure at some point the children will think of something cool to get on the nerves of the generation before them,” he added. But, in fashion, an event like that seems pretty far off.

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