Contrary to the prolific universal belief that she was a wild, untamed beauty that spoke an unknown language and was discovered herding goats through the Somalian veldt, the origins of celebrity for magnum super-model and now cosmetic entrepreneur, Iman, are bland in comparison to the facts. The simple truth is that Iman was a University of Nairobi co-ed working her way towards a degree in political science when world-renowned glam photographer Peter Beard spotted her walking across campus. Not exactly herding goats, but pushing a bicycle instead.

Personal background
Born July 25, 1955 in Mogadishu, Somalia
Father was Somalia Ambassador to Saudi Arabia; mother was nurse. Siblings: two brothers and two sisters.
Attended high school in Egypt. Majored in political science at Nairobi University. Speaks five languages.
Discovered in 1975 by photographer Peter Beard while she was a student at Nairobi University.
Married musician and actor David Bowie in Florence, Italy in 1992.
Has one daughter, Zulekha from first marriage.

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