Sunday Shopping at Spitafields

I managed to make it down to Spitafields market and I wish I had taken pictures. Its absolutely amazing and was designed for someone like me.Firstly it was indoors which was perfect, although I love shopping I can’t stand doing it in the cold and rain. Then the area is filled with so much history and the people were diverse and friendly. There were stalls filled with furniture, art, books, ornaments, clothes, food and all at reasonable prices. Spitafields is filled with so much creativity and originality and I enjoyed it completely. My desire to visit high street shops is decreasing, after visiting markets like this you realise how much we are missing out on when we limit ourselves to mass produced clothing. Best to mix and match…

The official market was founded by Royal Charter after the Fire of London destroyed the original in 1666. In 1856, Robert Horner, who worked his way up from being a porter at the market, bought the whole site and watched its fame grow. The original fruit and vegetable market moved on in 1991 and a masterplan was developed to breathe new life into the area and strengthen the community. The market of today is another step in a thriving narrative.

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