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Interviews: Raquel Simana

Interviews: Raquel Simana

MFL is very pleased to post it’s first interview with fashion designer Raquel Simana…. Raquel Simana knew she wanted to be fashion designer when she was just 12 years of […]


Found a nice site, loudsole has some interesting features and a database filled with all the places you can purchase some cool shoes. Below is a link to their interview […]

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Some of the best pages on the BBC teens “fashions latest”….. – Fashion guru Warren Noronha gives an idea of the high life of a fashion guru – Styling the […]

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

“There are no regrets in life, just lessons” – Jennifer Aniston

Barbie vs Bratz

Barbie looks like she might be losing her title as most fashionable doll. According to thisarticle the Bratz dolls have been the best selling of the year. “Mattel, the world’s […]