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Golden Globes 2004

Golden Globes 2004

Everyone’s talking about the Golden Globes. Sounds like it was a really good night, apparently Prince suprised those at the In Style party with a performance. All the stars kepts […]

RIP Helmut Newton

BERLIN (AP) — Germans on Saturday mourned the loss of countryman Helmut Newton, the photographer acclaimed for his stark black-and-white nudes who was killed in a Los Angeles car crash […]

How black are you?

You dont have to be black to take the test.

Fashion in Japan

Fashion in Japan

I am starting to develop a major fascination for japanese fashion. Its just so original, varied and inspiring. More streetwear from fashion in japan


The rebranded, trendy, twentysomething American Jew is about as far from the neurotic characters in a Woody Allen film as you can get. The hip new brigade of “Hebesters” listens […]