Get to know fashion designer Karen Starr-Delloiacono

mfl: What’s you’re earliest childhood memory?

Starr D: That would be when I was about 3 sitting outside in the shade with my grandfather during the summer in NY. We lived in an apartment building so he would take his beach chair and a little child’s beach chair and we would go around the corner to a driveway and sit under the trees there. The kitchen window would overlook this area and my grandma would look down and wave at me.

mfl: Favourite holiday destination and why?

Starr D: Well, in all honesty, it used to be NYC for Saint Patrick’s Day. But now, people have overly abused that holiday so bad that it isn’t fun anymore. I got into an arguement with someone who said all the Irish are a bunch of drunks. Needless to say, I don’t drink and this person who made the statement wasn’t Irish and was hitting the bottle quite hard.

mfl: If you had to choose a cocktail to represent “fashion” which would it be?

Starr D: I think a Mimosa. You elegance and high price of champagne which could be haute couture and then you have orange juice which can represent the more economic and every day styles that make more sense.

mfl: Out of all the celebrities you’ve crossed paths with, who has been your fave?

Starr D: Easy. Shannon Elizabeth. She is very humble and down to earth. I don’t like people that act fake and I also don’t like attitudes. Shannon also has a wonderful charity that I believe in called Animal Avengers (.com). I wish more celebs were like her. The other would be Lisa Arturo, who I met through Shannon. She is a riot and also very down to earth. These two actresses are the kind that make you feel welcomed into a group and not portray that they are higher than you because they are celebs. Oh, I also have to mention Miss Teen USA, Tammi Farrell. She is also a doll. She really is the all-American Apple Pie sweetheart.

mfl: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Starr D: “See that Nike ad? Well, just do it.” I said that to myself when I was going into the subway by Times Square not sure if I would do well with the jeans. I am doing it. I plan to keep on doing it (fashion designing) for a long, long time.

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