Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring

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Time is moving so fast anyone would think it was chasing Beyonce’s ass. (Yes that girl is sex all the way and she has a damn good stylist, who is working that diva look for her). Anyway spring is making its way to your side of town ALREADY, therefore its time to put away all those dark colours and force yourself to try out the pinks, blues, greens and yellows. Fashion is so exciting right now, and most of all individuality is being embraced. So tap in to your creativity and create a couple of trends of your own. Try out ribbons; tie them round your neck, your waist or even your wrists. Get out of those trousers and jump in to skirts and cropped trousers, let go of those jumpers that have hugged you through winter and replace them with fitted tops. And finally pack away the parkas and invest in a Trenchcoat.

If the spring colour craze is just too much for you and the idea of looking like a rainbow is not your thing but you do want a bit in your style then introduce it subtly with jewellery, or shoes. And if you completely hate it altogether then there is an alternative and that is rock chic. The “fifties” is what it’s about right now and you can venture down two avenues, the housewife look or the rebel, or you could do both. And while you’re mixing and matching, don’t forget about the vintage. Add personality to an outfit with a bag or a top that screams vintage.

Matthew Williamson Spring/Summer '04YSL Spring/Summer '04

This season men are clean – cut with a touch of rough and ready. (Sorry lads but your faithful dirty jeans, wristbands and trucker hats are to be laid to rest. They have been worn out and too many of you guys are looking like clones of Pharrell). Fitted shirts and t-shirts, blazers, lean jeans/trousers are all in, so dig out anything from your existing closet that fits this description, wash it, dry clean it and get ready for the girlies. Always one step ahead of the game, Justin Timberlake’s stylist has the new look locked down for him in ’04

Most of all work on your accessories (especially those men who don’t get involved in fashion at all and the thought of renewing your image sends your head in to a spin) try out neck scarves and team them up with a pair of jeans and a plain coloured shirt. Get your sunglasses ready and keep them retro. Lastly shirts will be tucked in and belts will be on show, so invest in some belts with character.

For more inspiration check out GQ (men) and Vogue (women)

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