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House of Field

Patricia Field’s mantra is this: “Life is a party. Enjoy it, because it ends. Visit patriciafield.com

Play dress up

Dress up the Beckhams or any celebrity of your choice from Liisa’s paperdolls.

Individually cool

Sabharwal went on to add that till now fashion was “reactive” but the coming years will see “creative” fashion at the forefront. “Earlier designers ‘reacted’ to their environment. But because […]

Some Odd Rubies

Forget buying art, the investment of today is everything vintage, and Summer Phoenix has been doing it for a while with her store Some Odd Rubies For more Vintage info, […]

P Diddy & Posen

Somebody stop him now! P Diddy is teaming up with Zac Posen to make his mark in the higher end of womens fashion. Simply, he wants his label to be […]

Summer wear

Get some help with your summer wardrobe from Handbag.com “As summer kicks in, embrace the bright invasion and indulge in a bit of colour therapy”