Starr D Showing in San Francisco


Karen Starr-DelloIacono, designer and CEO of Starr D, has reinvented
denim fashion. Karen has officially been named the “Queen of Jeans” by
those that are now part of her growing fan base. Her original designs
are causing quite a sensation after being introduced for the first
time at the 2003 MTV Latinamerica Video Music Awards as the denim
designer of choice for the celebrity gift bags. The low cut of the
pants are not only very comfortable but also empowering since it
showcases the feminine curves. Combined with the softness
of the material, it looks like “KSD” customized the fit for each and
every woman that wears them. Starr D was also a huge success in 2003
at the Billboard Music Awards, Spike TV’s First Annual Video Game
Awards and Fox Premios Sports Awards for celebrity gifts as well.

Now, working on her 2005 line, Starr D will be the only New York
designer showing at San Francisco’s First Official Fashion Week (Aug 26-
29). She has also been asked by a celebrity artist (to be announced
shortly), to join him in his gallery show which will feature Starr D
couture pieces on the runway this September 7th, at Drive In Studios,
New York City. These one of a kind pieces will be sold and auctioned
at the event along with the fine artwork.

“KSD” is second generation Irish-American, her grandfather was a
tailor from Nenagh, Tipperary and grandmother was a homemaker from
Killeshandra, Cavan. Her mother, Judith, a US Navy veteran, is a
Supreme Court Officer in Queens County, New York and her younger
brother, Edward, recently left for the US Air Force to specialize in
electronics. Karen currently resides on the north shore of Nassau
County, New York, with her husband Maurice and their 3 great danes.

We will be contacting you after the holiday to follow up. Please don’t
hesitate to contact Starr D Public Relations if you are interested in
attending or doing something on Starr D in advance of either of these
shows. Please email Starr D or call 516-642-

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