Coleen; Vogue material?

The speed at which one can become a celebrity is amazing, and if anyone should know it would be Coleen McLoughlin. She has made the headlines almost every week for one thing or another and the most talked about stunt at the moment is her success at making the June cover of Vogue. All are debating whether she deserves it or not, how it will affect the magazines credibilty by having a “chav” on the cover, and most importantly will it sell? Well yes it will sell, simply because of everyone’s curiosity. I think it’s a clever move for Vogue in terms of sales but perhaps not for the future. She’s definitely no style/fashion icon, not a model or an actress. She doesnt sing, actually she doesnt work at all. Having Coleen on the cover will lessen the exclusivity of being a Vogue Cover girl but Vogue is no small time magazine, their every move is calculated and there is no doubt that they performed extensive research and concluded it’s what the people want. All I can say is that Victoria Beckham really should switch to Coleen’s pr agency cause they are doing an excellent job and although I do purchase Vogue every month anyway, I must say I am looking forward to June’s edition. I can’t wait to see how they will potray her. Miss McLoughlin should not be underestimated!

Text: Michele Obi

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