Pips Fashion

Please note Bryan Marsden is a con artist and Pips is a scam.

Please disregard this post


Is it possible to launch a designer into the fashion scene overnight? Well according to Bryan Marsden it is if
you have the right ingredients. Former electrical engineer Marsden has put together a team of 4 graduate Malaysian designers and developed fashion house “Pips Fashion”.

Marsden, owner and CEO of Pips, sees the fashion house as his foray into the world of fashion which he has worked hard to break into after coming to Malaysia 11 years ago.

“You know, when I started putting Pips Fashion together, many discouraged me. Many said I am crazy to go into something totally different from what I have been doing all these years,” he added. Previously, Marsden was involved in projects for the KL International Airport in Sepang, and KLCC in Kuala Lumpur.

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