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Name: Tina Eriksson

Occupation: Editor of Fashtastic

What motivated you to start Fashtastic?
Many things inspired me to start Fashtastic. I had an interest in fashion and style so that inspired me to make something out of my interest. I had already been designing websites for a couple years before creating Fashtastic. I had personal websites for a long time but after seeing other online fashion magazines and websites I was inspired to make one of my own. Gradually I started changing my personal website into a fashion website, that way I was able to bring my visitors from my personal website with me to Fashtastic that now is becoming increasingly popular.

How often do you go shopping?

More often than I should. I love shopping and with all the new trends, styles, clothes and seasons constantly being packed into the stores I can’t help shopping. I am good at saving money when I have to though. To give an estimate of how much I shop I would say about once or sometimes twice a week depending on if I am looking for something in particular like new clothes for autumn or something, for example. I try to get good buys though, I love finding something useful and pretty for a great price, I like getting my moneys worth.

Who are your favourite designers?

Marc Jacobs is one of them; his young, hip and fun designs really attract me. I also really like the Swedish designer Filippa K, she designs some very nice casual but classy clothes. I also like Banana Republic. I like a lot of different designers. I like anything from cheap things like H&M (for basics) to Filippa K (for something more high end).

Whose closet would you most like to have for a month?

Nicole Richie’s, since she changed her image I just love her clothes. She has got great style. Very much like how I dress. I love her accessories and her cute little outfits. I would love to dig through her wardrobe!

What current item in your wardrobe gets the most wear?

My American eagle jean shorts. They are SO comfortable. My cousin makes fun of me because I wear them so much. They are my best summer buy. I love them.

What’s your must have piece of this autumn?
A good jacket! I haven’t found one yet though! As I live in Sweden, where it gets pretty cold early on, I always want a good stylish and comfortable jacket to keep me warm and looking good during the autumn and winter.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Use accessories! Working accessories into all your outfits will make you shine! Accessories can do amazing things. They can make an outfit be three different outfits by just changing the accessories around.


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