Valentino slams Cameron and Julia

Valentino has hit out at Cameron Diaz and Julia Roberts for their sense of style off the red carpet. The Italian fashion designer believes today’s celebrities should look glamorous all the time and not when they just have to attend big parties. Speaking to German newspaper Die Ziet he added :

“Today you see Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz running around looking unkempt in jogging trousers, they look like bag ladies, like homeless people. In the past, actresses had to commit in their contracts to appear in public like stars when they left their homes.”

Valentino created a name for himself in the 1960’s and is renowned for designing Jacqueline Kennedy’s wedding dress for her marriage to Aristotle Onassis. He still designs for the Valentino fashion group which was split from the textile holdings of its former parent company Marzotto earlier this year.

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