Tyra says her goodbyes

Tyra Banks has said an emotional goodbye to the modelling industry and is steadily seeking to build the media empire she’s been dreaming about for a very long time.

The ex-model has also been trying very hard to show everyone how “human” she is. From pointing out her that her hair and eyelashes are fake, to showing on air the girdle she wears and confessing to cellulite. She has been relentless in telling us about her insecurities, which if you’re curious are detailed in her book Tyra’s Beauty Inside & Out. In the book Tyra covers a number of the criticisms she received in her earlier days of modelling, such as her large forehead and weight.

(“they called it a fivehead”) and her voluptuousness. Translation: “I was too fat.”

As much as Tyra wants a career in media it seems they don’t want her and the talkshow host has been branded self absorbed and accused of using her show (“The Tyra Banks Show.”) to deal with her issues, e.g: her feud with Naomi, and how real her breasts are.

All the same, Tyra was a great model, and will be missed…..

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