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Lindsay, the new face Chanel

Lindsay, the new face Chanel

Actress Lindsay Lohan has been confirmed as the face that will front Chanel’s new campaign. This could explain why Lindsay was seen dining in Beverly Hills with ex face of […]

Chameleon scarf

Rather than purchase different coloured scarves to match your outfits, you can now wait with baited breath for the Chameleon Scarf. Developed at Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, the scarf […]

Do women dress differently after giving birth?

The reason many women dress differently – and often worse – immediately before and a long time after having children is widely attributed to the transformation in their bodies and […]

Mens Flair

Mens Flair

Some men have style, and some dont, and if you fall into the “dont” category then dont worry a site has been created FOR YOU. Mensflair.com defines itself as the […]

Christmas: i-D Style

Christmas: i-D Style @ Fashion and Textile Museum Fashion and Textile Museum is extending the popular i-Dentity exhibition until the 17th of December 2005. Along with the extension, the FTM […]