Kalita Al Swaidi

What type of woman do you create for?

I create for the woman who derives a secret sexuality from wearing beautiful lingerie – who derives a private confidence from the knowledge of what she is wearing under her clothes.

How do you decide upon the theme for each collection?

Seeing that I work in lingerie, a niche market in fashion, I am lucky not to be directed by the seasons of the fashion calendar. My inspiration is not trend dominated, but style dominated. I work to produce pieces that are thoroughly individual ­ everything I do is either bespoke or numbered , I never make more than five of any piece in a collection.

You have a bespoke service whereby your clients can have a creative input in their purchase. How popular has this concept been?

The bespoke service has been very popular. I think clients appreciate the opportunity to take creative charge over their product. Personalisation has suddenly become very trendy in fashion – mynike.com, Selfridges’s made to measure jeans..

Any chance of a clothing line in the future?

I have expanded the collection from just knickers to include camisoles, bras and shorts. I hope one could wear these pieces in the day a well as in bed -a camisole over jeans, the bra peeping from behind a white t-shirt.

Which three words do you think your friends/family would use to describe you?

Gorgeous, stylish and wonderful?!!! – Only joking – I have no idea -hopefully it would be nice though.

What’s the most important piece of advice you’ve been given?

Well it’s not the most important piece of advice but it is definitely the funniest – someone once turned to me in all seriousness and declared “I firmly believe anything worth doing can be done either horizontally or in high heels.

Kalita is available at Coco Ribbon and Austique

In a world where everything is unclothed and nothing is private,
mystery and intimacy become sacred.
Society plagues us with a certain paralysis,
an inability to say what we really mean
and be who we really are.

It is only in the hours of silence
when the sun has dipped deep below the horizon
that escape becomes possible,
judgement sleeps and freedom is rescued.

It is here in the abyss of night
that oppositions are free to blend
and fuse in intoxicating unions:
innocence and sexuality
desperation and seduction,
savageness and ecstasy. – Kalita (Inspiration)

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