Tina won’t be questioned…


An unprepared Tina Knowles completely folded under questioning at a recent Macy’s press conference, to promote the launch of House of Dereon’s boutique in the store.

When asked by US consumer reporter for WBBM-TV Dorothy Tucker about the manufacturing problems with the product sizes, Tina Knowles abruptly cut her off and demanded that her question be cut out….

Tucker to Tina:

“They’re beautiful [clothes],” she started, “but the next question — I don’t quite understand it, and maybe you guys can explain it for me — your clothes are sold in about a dozen stores in the Chicago area. We did get a phone call from a couple of those stores who said they had to send the production back, that there was a poor fit, the tops weren’t …”

Tina to Tucker:

“Why would you, wait, wait, wait, we’re going to cut that off. Why would you do that? You’re here to interview us about the clothes, in a positive light.”

To say that Beyonce looked extremely uncomfortable is an understatement…..

Tina Knowles - Beyonce - Glamourama

Watch the video here

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