Britt denies Britney

BritneyBritt Bardo Spears has once again topped Mr. Blackwell’s worst-dressed list, beating the likes of Mariah Carey and Paula Abdul for the not-so-coveted title. It is news to many that the one-time pop star actually has a stylist, and the poor girl in question, Britt Bardo, has had to speak out in defence of her skills (well wouldn’t you?).

“I make her up and she just takes everything off and does her own thing

claimed Bardo who has also styled Eva Mendes (remember her perfect work wardrobe in Hitch?) and Kate Hudson, who looked stunning on the red carpet in Colette Dinnigan for the premiere of You, Me and Dupree.

Some surprises on the list , in its 47th year – were Lindsay Lohan, usually hailed as a style leader with the help of her stylist Rachel Zoe, Christina Aguilera whose 1940’s style new look is worlds away from her Dirrrty days, and the Duchess of Cornwall whose style is consistently classic and elegant.

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