Grail Fall 07: LA Fashion Week

From the matted hair extensions to the Voodoo magic makeup, courtesy of Bead Head TIGI, this show was all about cool and funky! What I love about presentations from labels such as Grail is that when you’re engrossed in the show you’re not consumed with thoughts of ‘I could never wear that’ or ‘what exactly is it?’ Instead you’re thinking ‘I want that!’


The entire collection was wearable and practical and while its not suitable for many of the budding beauty queen contestants located in this part of town it is perfect for those who value comfort, from jersey tops with a twist to motorcycle jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts (which have been attended to with careful detailing), and dresses from the LBD, to floral…the range is endless and suits many styles especially if you like your fashion to ‘Rock’!

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