Sale fever

Sale fever is the air and it’s catching! We’ve got another two great sales to share with you. Both are online, so forget battling your way through the crowds…you can bag your bargains from the comfort of your own home with these gems.

The Yoox Sale has already begun but with just three days to go (sale ends 27th May) and with up to 90% off top designers we suggest you get online asap!

After their Chloe S/S07 sale sold out in just 12 hours, is back with an exclusive Dolce & Gabbana S/S07 private sale. As before make sure you pre-register now to ensure your place at the sale on 30th May.



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  16. Never trust the sizes shown on clothing labels. Do not buy anything without having a go on first. Sizes don’t have relating measurements much more. They will vary a whole lot between brands. Make use of the sizing chart available from most internet vendors to be sure your clothes will fit properly should you buy them online. Also search for if you’re able to return clothes as long as they don’t fit.
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  17. Its functionality and graphics are in least as good as the iPad (I’ve compared the Asus Transformer with my friend’s iPad), so it is unclear if thez iPad is worth the additional dough. However, yet another comparison reveals the Asus Transformer is slightly heavier and thicker as opposed to iPad. Actually, I don’t think this does get with regards to its portability or useability.
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  24. Spend your fashion funds basics. Black or white items, simple dresses, jeans, etc; necessities such as items you ought to be getting. A black, basic pencil skirt is obviously in mode and could be updated with jackets and tops that follow the trends of your particular season.
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  51. Exchange companies The likes of NextWorth, FlipSwap, and Second Rotation both exchange used iPods and iPhones; the prices they pay and sell at are appealing.
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  52. 4. Giving Somebody else Numerous MoneyAnyone who discovers her husband is wiring money with a other individual without sharing this info with your ex-girlfriend (especially a lot over long periods of time) should probably just up and then leave. You may confront your partner, but there’s little he could explain for making up for this lie. Lots of people learn their spouse is helping family (parents among others) and didn’t want to argue using them over it. Others have lovers, that happen to be getting cash. Frankly, inside my neighborhood, that could be hooking and it’s illegal. It is equally both financial and sexual infidelity.
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