What’s next for Henry?

henry_holland_final_copy.jpgBeing the excitable person that I am, I was completely struck with delight during a chance encounter with designer Henry Holland last Friday on Oxford street and even more so as I thought it’d be a great opportunity to snap a street style picture to share with you guys come Monday. Now I completely understand when the other party in these type of situations decline photographs, I mean it can be overwhelming and some people are shy, busy etc….and I hate to be pushy. But it was the way in which he rejected my request for a picture that was incredibly disappointing…he didn’t smile once and his response could easily have been interpreted as standoffish, in fact his friend was so much nicer and almost apologetic.

Anyway…after relaying the story to a friend over dinner, I began thinking what’s next for the House of Holland? With Topshop churning out copy cats of Holland’s 80’s inspired t-shirts emblazoned with catchy rhymes, the novelty is bound to end soon if it hasn’t already. But it looks like Holland has anticipated the possible backlash and confirmed a future collaboration with best friend and model Agyness Deyn. The pair will work on a jewellery collection together to be launched some time soon….

“We’re going to launch a line of jewellery together. You can expect a bit of House of Holland in it and a bit of Aggy too – she’s got a strong sense of design.”

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