Elle explores: Fashions Greatest Hits

This months July issue of Elle has a great feature on the inspiration of musical genres in fashion, which got me thinking about how my musical preferences have influenced my style. When I started to become fashionably self aware – which coincided with my first experience of pocket money – my love for hip hop had me parading around in baggy clothing and big earrings. Salt-n-Pepa were my style icons and TLC took over where they left off. Then I discovered Prince and my life would never be the same again. Purple rain spoke to me….but Prince’ style spoke to me more.

My fashion choices became more eclectic and I still retained my tom boyishness but then came Gwen Stefani and that iconic “Don’t speak video. Her rock meets romance look encouraged me to embrace my femininity and slowly I wasn’t intimidated by dresses. Stefani inspired my style transition from girl to woman and her ability to combine her various musical tastes made me realise that you don’t have to stick yourself in a box. I too began to mix and match, and now just like my musical taste my style is varied. Music and fashion are inextricably linked…how has music influenced your style?


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