Has it been 10 years already?

It’s been 10 years since the fashion industry was rocked by the senseless murder of Gianni Versace and 10 years since Matthew Williamson emerged. The former will be remembered with a series of tributes. The latter celebrated with a showing during London fashion week and an exhibition at the London Design Museum. In retrospect both landmarks represented the end and the beginning of what was to come.

Fashion as we knew it is no longer….some changes have been good – who would have thought one day we could watch a Gucci show live from the comfort of our homes? Some have been bad….we’re still debating about the relevance of couture (its relevant god-damn-it!) and others have been downright ugly (these celebrities are relentless…they’re determined to take over fashion). But I’m still asking myself has it been 10 years already!

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