Super Fantastic!

If you’ve been seduced by the charm of Manolo the Shoeblogger then you’ll instantly recognise his signature statement “You are super fantastic! Although Manolo gives us a snippet of his world in his blog, he still remains much of a mystery. So when he sent his new book, The Consolation of the Shoes, over for review I jumped at the chance to delve further into the intelligent and witty mind of this literary genius.


The Consolation of the Shoes is a short and sweet illustration of the young Manolo’s love for the shoes. With brief references to some of the most important shoes in history, Manolo comes to a life changing conclusion. It’s a light hearted read and one which I recommend after a stressful day, preferably with a glass of rose. I felt an odd sense of fulfilment by the end. Definitely a must read…..especially for fellow shoe lovers.

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