News: Fendi’s Great Wall of Ambition

It appears the latest trend among fashion houses with big bucks is the search for original and wonderful ways to stage their collections. Karl Lagerfeld upped the stakes with the Chanel Cruise Collection 2008 held in Los Angeles, at the Santa Monica Airport and which employed the use of private jets emblazoned with it’s Logo. And now he promises to go one better with a Fendi runway show to be held on the Great Wall of China in October.

The presentation is a strategic move on the part of parent company LVMH who hope it’ll boost sales subsequently making Fendi a stronger global brand. Impressive wise this ranks high but I wonder what the options were before they settled on the Great Wall? Perhaps Buckingham Palace or the Taj Mahal? As much as the theatrics add glamour and excitement sometimes I do lament on what happened to just having a good old fashioned show with lights, music and stick thin models in need of a hearty meal.

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