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To commemorate being in the game for 45 years, the extremely polished Valentino spoke to The Times and once again expressed his distaste at any form of scruffiness especially by some English girls,

“putting together dresses from pieces that come from Portobello and who knows where else. Young girls, they think it’s fashionable, but if those dresses are worn by a lady of 50 or so, then, sorry, she looks like a grandmother.

While I’m inclined to agree with him on some level , they may not be English but I too don’t understand the Olsen’s consistent need to look like a pair of old Grannies – I have to disagree with his disregard for pieces that one’s Grandma could wear. Take this Sheer Iris Dress, $49 from The Urban Collection for example. I have a very similar Vintage dress which I wore to an event a couple of months ago and I have to say I received ALOT of compliments all night. So I say Valentino is wrong sometimes it is fashionable to wear something which can also be “worn by a lady of 50 or so, if worn correctly that is….

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