Aimee McWilliams Website Launch

aimee_mcwilliams_launch_a.jpgBetween trying to sort myself out for fashion week, searching for interns and desperately making sure I meet my deadlines, I was not only in need for, but very happy to take a time out on Monday evening to head down to the website launch party for Scottish designer Aimee McWilliams. (That’s Aimee in the pic on the left). Sadly I missed the Champagne reception but made it in time for the Mojitos. But I didn’t mind at all. I’m not really a fan of Champagne and I LOVE Mojitos.

As it was a website launch I thought it only fit to attend with a website designer who was quick to inform me that Aimee’s site was the first he’s seen to make the best use of flash.

All in all it was a fab evening! I’m definitely in the mood for some London fashion week partying!


All these wonderful photos were taken by Rob Low.

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