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In the My Style section of the October issue of Elle we’re treated to 11 lovely ladies who prove yet again that fashion isn’t about following the rules; instead, it’s more about knowing what rules can be bent, or outright broken. These women know that individual style is no longer confined to a singular adjective: the radiant Savannah Miller admits to a fondness for “Little House on the Prarie-esque dresses, all while clad in a pair of killer Barbara Bui boots and pieces from the fashion line she is designing with actress-sister Sienna.


Artist Wangeehi Mulu prefers to mix things up on a daily basis by drawing inspiration from characters in a wide variety of literature, and actress Jennifer Jason Leigh artfully mixes luscious feathered Prada with a vintage Nirvana t-shirt and jeans. From tall girls in stilettos to wearing pajamas in public, these women have done it all and done it with an undeniable sense of style.


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