Reviews: The Tokyo Look Book

tokyo_look_book.jpgJapanese street fashion has always been somewhat of a fascination; it’s fearless and experimental in way that is hard to find in other fashion capitals. Bursting with over 200 amazing photographs, The Tokyo Look Book explores the city’s burgeoning fashion scene. Written by anthropologist, Philomena Keet – who boasts a PHD in Tokyo Fashion , the book does a great job in both educating and inspiring its reader. Keet covers the mainstream as well as the sub cultures who collectively contribute to Tokyo’s vibrant street style and who both share a common love of fashion as a form of expression.

Commentaries are interrupted by interviews with some of Tokyo’s hottest designers and shop owners. We can only imagine how difficult yet fun it must have been to compile. For anyone who wishes to meet the author, head down to the London College of Fashion on Nov. 28th. She’ll be talking about her experiences as she hit the streets of Tokyo to research material for the book. Click here for more information.

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