10 days 10 party dresses: Strapless Dress by Robert Rodriguez


Dr Valerie Steele pays homage to the black dress in her latest book and we salute her for it. Not enough praises can be lavished on the LBD. It is that all important item in our wardrobe. It’s rescued us when we:

a) Couldn’t be bothered to find anything to wear
b) Found an annoying stain on our outfit of choice
c) Got a call last minute about a must go to party

Plus there’s nothing like the black dress when you want to play up bold accessories and this strapless dress by Robert Rodriguez does the job perfectly. It’s sophisticated, chic and sexy. It’s everything we want from a black dress. $433, available at Frankeys

This post is part of the series 10 days 10 party dresses. For more in this feature click here.

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