Holiday Gift Guide 2007: Sophia Cashmere Cable Travel Set

cashmere_travel_set.jpgLet’s face it: visiting an exotic locale is great fun, but unless you’re rich and famous, getting there usually isn’t. All we have to look forward to on the plane is bad food, tiny seats, and air that’s guaranteed to make your skin drier than the Sahara. To top it off, any effort made to look halfway decent for your arrival on said holiday is shot to hell by those dark circles that mysteriously appear under your eyes due to sleep deprivation. That’s why we reckon the Sophia Cashmere Cable Travel set deserves a prime spot on your holiday wishlist this season. Made of luxuriously soft cashmere, the set consists of a small pillow, blanket, and eye mask (for those pesky overhead lights). Now, all you need is to be upgraded to first class! $250.00 available at Saks Fifth Avenue

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