Fashion Fix: Extra, Extra!


Ah those poor Olsen twins they really are susceptible to ugly nicknames. We thought it was bad enough when Amy Larocca dubbed them the “Fashion Gremlins” in her article for NY Mag…but Peta have outdone Amy by far and renamed The “Trollsens” Olsens, "Hairy-Kate" and "Trashly" [Fabsugar]

Is it possible Tom Ford could be adding film director to his c.v?  [Koodos]

Anyone else noticed how Kate Moss always has a pair of trademark boots which she sports over and over then replaces with a new pair?  This season its these over the knee boots. [Denimology]

Is it all over for the Boombox crowd? We hope not, but then perhaps its best. As we learned from the movie American Gangster, "quitting ahead is not the same thing as quitting". [The Business of Fashion]

Congratulations are in order for Model Jessica White who’s nabbed herself a contract with Maybelline!  [Flypaper]

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