News: Naomi Campbell forgets what she learned at anger management


Uh oh! We knew Naomi’s latest calm spell was temporary but we wish she hadn’t been so public when she reverted to her old ways. According to the folks over at OSOYOU, Naomi lost all her senses and flew into a rage after discovering that her bag which had her blackberry inside, (containing the numbers of all her celebrity pals) had been stolen during Led Zeppelin’s recent reunion gig.

Now we cant blame her for being mad, we too know how it feels to have our personal possessions stolen. Its very distressing. But to accuse fellow guests in front of others….not so cool. Miss Naomi was pretty vocal when she pointed the finger at frontman of the Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl and his companions. We just hope they, like others in the past were understanding.

At least friends of Naomi now have a fair idea of what she’d like for Christmas….a new phone perhaps?. May we recommend the iPhone!

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