Can you keep a secret?

vintage_secret.jpg…Neither can we. With all our favourite celebs hitting the red carpet and streets in vintage duds, we can’t help but wonder where they’re digging up all of these fabulous finds. Now we have a way of finding our own diamonds in the rough, minus the headache of sifting through the clothing racks, with the help of a brilliant new site, Vintage Secret.

Vintage Secret was founded by two fashionistas based out of London who scour exotic locales from Paris to Japan to find ‘new vintage’ garments that are rare, still in great condition and in sync with current trends.

We took a look around the site and were impressed with the easy to navigate layout and the fabulous selection of evening dresses, suits and separates (even featuring some designs from Chanel, Christian Dior and Valentino, oh my!) Now we can be like Sienna and throw around the ever ambiguous and oh-so-Hollywood, “Oh this? It’s vintage. line.

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