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Top ten untraditional travel destinations

Stylehive brings you the top ten untraditional places to jet to for New Year’s Eve!

Top 10 beauty picks

Do you agree with eBeautyDaily’s top ten beauty items she can’t live without?

2007: Top 10 Trends!

2007: Top 10 Trends!

Eclectic is the word that comes to mind when we think of the trends that hit us this year. Styles came and went at a frenzied pace…some we loved…some wouldn’t […]

Eat, drink and be merry!

Our holiday begins…now! My Fashion Life is officially on a break. We’ll be checking in with a couple of posts to keep you entertained over the holiday period however regular […]

Shopping: Up to 40% off at Burberry

Shopping: Up to 40% off at Burberry

Hooray! The sales have already begun.