Beauty: Citre Shine Mist Laminator

citre_shine.jpgLike us you probably need a miracle potion to sort out all the damage inflicted on your hair from the cold, dry weather, not to mention all of the teasing, blowdrying and colouring you’ve put your hair through to keep your coiffe in style for the party season.

We recently tried the Anti-Frizz Spray Laminator Shine Mist from Citre Shine , which was as simple as spritzing post-styling , and were pleasantly surprised by the results. Hair came out with a nice glossy sheen and it helped to tame the frizz and annoying baby hairs that tend to pop up after drying. The only drawback is that the product doesn’t really mist too evenly, so if you don’t comb it through with your fingers, you could easily miss a few spots.

We liked it as an affordable option to those more expensive gloss treatments you can get at the salon, and it actually leaves your hair smelling quite nice too!

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