Shopping the Sales. What type of shopper are you?

Its sale season! I swore off shopping the January sales this year, but with rave reports flooding in about the brilliant discounts out there I’m not so sure how long I can stay away. Anyway…after speaking with friends about all their purchases and bargains I realised that each friend had tackled the sales in a completely different manner. So far I’ve spoken to,

The Impulsive Shopper: Every purchase is made solely on the amount knocked off. If its a bargain, she’s buying it!

The Planner: There is a list in place and she’s sticking to it!

The Trendy Shopper: Buys items suitable for spring/summer trends only!

The Comfort Shopper: Bargains are bought online and from the comfort of her home!

As for me…I’m a mixture of the impulsive and the planner, although I rarely write my list down. Its all in my head….

What type of sale shopper are you? Drop us a comment!


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