News: Fashion Goes High-Tech!


How many times have you been meandering through shops by yourself, looking for a dress for a special occasion, only to be torn between two or three? German designer Bernadett Penkov (of penkov) has brilliantly solved this problem through the usage of something called QR code.

Penkov will debut her usage of the technology at Berlin Fashion Week in conjunction with firm Pixelpark. All you need to do is snap a photo of the special barcode located next to each garment with your mobile phone (that has been loaded with the proper image reading program) and details, including fabric type, color, additional photographs and even sizes will be delivered to your phone.

Originally created by a Japanese firm, the technology has been popular in Japan for years but is only recently being integrated into the global world of fashion. The barcodes could potentially be located in print adverts or in the pages of your favorite fashion glossies, meaning that you wouldn’t have to fake a sneeze while you rip out the latest Vogue editorial from the magazine at the hair salon. Instead, just whip out your mobile and you could even peruse details of the garment while you are having your highlights retouched.

Although there is quite a while to go before QR code becomes so integrated into daily life, the possibilities are endless and something like magic.

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