Opinions: Fashion director asked to give up seat for Beyonce’s bodyguard!


So the deal is this….menswear fashion week is underway and on Saturday it was the much anticipated Versace presentation. Beyonce and Jay-Z along with pal Kelly Rowland made an appearance as special guests and of course were escorted to their front row seats. Also seated in the front row was Tommy Fazio, the men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman. Without a seat was Beyonce’s bodyguard who was forced to stand…shock, horror!

Faced with this dilemma a rep at Versace decided to ask Fazio to get up and give his seat to the bodyguard. Confused? So are we and so was Fazio who said,

“Fine — I don’t stand at shows, so please escort me to the door,

and subsequently cancelled his post show appointment.

Beyonce had no idea about the situation which means the decision was made solely by Versace and according to a rep at the fashion house this situation apparently….“happens occasionally at shows.

Now is it just me but isn’t this a tad ridiculous? If for arguments sake we are to accept that celebrities are for some reason a requirement at the bigger shows because of the buzz they generate, then does this mean that their bodyguards now take priority over those that work in the industry and whom actually need to be there?

Furthermore will Bergdorf Goodman be justified if they decide not to stock the men’s collection next season?


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