London Fashion Week AW08: Ann-Sofie Back


Inspiration for Ann-Sofie Backs collection came from today’s self obsessed celebrities and their constant need to stay in the limelight, in particular all the knicker flashing that’s been inflicted on us. It was unarguably an interesting concept.

With cartoon themes blaring through the speakers, models paraded down the catwalk in g-strings that were worn as garters. G-strings were also worked into silk lace dresses, jeans and tops. Prints were created from pixellated images of Britney Spear’s crotch and used on t-shirts, leggings, and dresses.


While the prints may sound vulgar, they actually worked…what didn’t translate as well, were the lace dresses and the never ending g-strings that culminated in a sheer red dress detailed with an outline of a bra, and…you guessed it…a g-string.

The more demure pieces such as a strapless grey knee length dress, and a red silk asymetrical mini, were gorgeous. However it was the knitwear complete with diamante embellishments and oversized blazers and coats that stole the show!


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