Steep vs. Cheap: Snakeskin Sandals


With exotic animal prints and skins being all the rage this Spring, it might just be time to invest in a new pair of strappy snakeskin sandals. Definitely not a look that everyone can (or would want to) pull off, but for those of you who like to walk on the wild side, here are two great options depending on how much coin you have stashed in your piggy bank.


At $720 a pop, these stunning 5 Jimmy Choo Aby snakeskin sandals will set you back a pretty penny. The black patent leather in the straps and buckles contrasts fabulously versus the muted and refined white and gray Elaphe snakeskin. You best give your feet some lovin’ and treat yourself to a nice pedi, because in these dramatic heels, all eyes will be on you.


These Kenneth Cole New York grey snakeskin sandals are an equally chic but more affordable alternative if you’re looking to do some damage control. The soft suede heel and straps help to make the snakeskin bands pop more, and with a more reasonable 3.5 heel you won’t have to worry about being carried home at night. On sale at for $250 $150!

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