Hillary vs. Barack: Politically Stylish Designer T-Shirts

Fashion has had a long and turbulant relationship with politics. From Katharine Hamnett’s pioneering t-shirts to Vivienne Westwood’s manifesto, style can be shorthand for personal politics – without all the speeches. Fitting, then, that amidst the excitement of the Presidential Primaries, two designers have stepped in to show their support in the most ancient of all mediums – the printed t-shirt.


On one hand, we have Marc Jacob’s Hillary tee, $38, (which raises money for her campaign) whilst on the other there is the limited edition Obama Progress tee designed by grafiti artist Obey (initially given away free at his ralleys). Both equally stylish, both seeling for far above retail price in an Ebay battle which is akin to the real life competition.

If Ebay statistics are a reliable source of political predicition (Obama t-shirts selling for an average of $381.39 and Hilary’s for $54.82 ), then we are looking not only at an increase in political style, but a very happy Obama to boot!

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