Shopping: Who Needs to Tell Time?

marcjacobs_linkwatch.jpgI’ve never had a purely functional watch. In fact, the one that I’ve been sporting since college is a Gucci bracelet watch that has no hash marks or numbers on the face. I can barely make out the hour on it (the oblong shape doesn’t help my cause either), but it’s just so pretty. I mean, who needs an actual time-telling watch when we can’t leave the house these days without a cell phone or Blackberry in tow?

Becoming more demode is the concept of heavy, traditional watches, and more prevalent are unique and stylish accessories that happen to be watches.

This MARC by Marc Jacobs Link Watch fits perfectly in that same vein of thought. From afar, it looks like a trendy link cuff bracelet, but up close, it has more practical purposes with a watch face built into one of the center links (albeit a teeny one). Although telling time with exact precision might not be your strongest suit with this piece, having some wrist candy to flaunt (and a good excuse to ask the cute guy standing next to you if he has the time) more than make up for its impracticality. $150 available at Bergdorf Goodman.

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