Shopping: Milly Aspirin dot smock dress


I love the color yellow and I always have, even before it was trendy (although I am not digging the supposed new trend of lemon yellow nailpolish … ick!). Anyway, chances are if you find a top, dress, bag, bracelet or sweater in a bright perky yellow, I will immediately want it. Which is exactly what happened when I saw this Milly Aspirin dot smock dress

It’s cute, it’s sunny, and the colour really pops. I love the slightly sheer fabric along the neckline as well—it makes the dress far more interesting than your regular cap-sleeve A-line minidress. The dotted jacquard fabric is adorable too. This is exactly the type of dress I like to wear on a rainy, unpleasant day when I have to be out and about in the rainy unpleasantness—the splash of colour can’t help but cheer me up. $365 available at Net-a-Porter.

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