AW08 Trends: Laced with style

I have always had a soft spot for lace. Any fabric which makes me think of veiled ladies from old novels and Victorian dolls has absolutely got me seduced. How lovely, then, to see that lace seems to have woven its way onto the A/W runways. The fragile lace slips and tights at Emma Cook showed a delicate ‘heartbreak’ incarnation perfect for running through cobbled streets at twilight.

Meanwhile, at Prada the fabric held a much sterner tone, with the tailored outfits in full lace suggesting a modern take on ‘Sunday Best’. Suddenly, lace seems to be shedding its twee associations and spinning forwards in colour, structure and tailoring to a kind of perverted elegance.

Usually confined to the antique lace ribbons I tie in my hair, it may be time to have some fun and venture into lacier ground. Fortunately I suspect that this is a trend which will seep very quickly down to the High Street so we can all float through lace-spun dreams of Victorian photographs…..

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