Celebrity Labels: Sarah Jessica Parker raked in £3.5m from Bitten

Sarah Jessica Parker made the headlines this week after speaking out about her hurt feelings upon hearing she was voted Maxim’s un-sexiest woman alive. Granted, its not the best title one can hope to receive.

Most of the stories feature a breakdown of SJP’s earnings, confirming that she’s made £12.5m ($25m) in just 4 years from advertising, movies and collaborations.

What is most interesting, however, is how much SJP made from her first ever clothing collection, (Bitten) for the store Steve and Barry’s. According to reports, SJP earned a cool £3.5m ($7m)! Not bad, considering the line retails at less than $20.

With all the celebrities confirming clothing collections in the pipeline and taking into account the amount of money one can make from these partnerships, it seems unlikely that the trend is going to end anytime soon.


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