Polls: Passion for Patchwork?


So first came jewel-tones, next came colour-blocking, and then ombre and tie-dye…and now comes patchwork? It seems as though the fashion world has been repressed in black and neutrals for some time and is desperate to add levity and boldness to what can sometimes become an otherwise depressing palette (especially when the uni of city girls is typically black on black).

I understand having a little fun with the colour palette , I’m all for adding a little zest to the wardrobe – but this rainbow patchwork look, like with this BCBG Girls Nyree pump or this D&G handbag, just give off a cheap, “Raggedy Anne” vibe in my opinion.

My general rule of thumb is to wear no more than 3 complementary colours at a time from head-to-toe to avoid clashing or looking like a clown or hobo…but with shoes or a bag like this, it’s way too easy to cross that line.



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