Help: Which brand make the best skinny jeans?

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I feel like a lot of mags have been pushing the whole high-waisted super wide-legged trouser look, and even when normally fashion-forward celebs try on this trend I’m just not getting it.

These women have personal trainers and eat tiny meals (I don’t believe the “I eat whatever I want” line for half a second), meaning their bodies are pretty much flawless, and in my opinion the high-waisted style looks dowdy even on them. Translation: the high-waisted trend is not going to work for us regular folk.

I want to look fashion forward but I’m still thinking that the skinny jean is the best look of the moment, even though they were in their heyday a few seasons ago. All of this is at the forefront of my mind because my favorite Rock &Republics suffered an unfortunate demise last weekend and my denim rotation is suffering.

I want a pair of skinny (but not lycra-esque) jeans, in a darker wash, but there are so many options out there! I’ve been polling my friends to get their fave names and I’ve heard J-Brand, Rich & Skinny, and a dozen others. So help me out here ladies..which brand make the best skinny jeans?

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